Tasting is believing

Some of life's most gratifying experiences have to be savoured to be truly appreciated, and Restaurant Lafleur, a legacy brand intricately tied to Montreal's rich culinary heritage, is one of them. We are currently in the midst of a dynamic expansion as we set our compass north to expand across Quebec. Are you ready to join us for what promises to be an exciting, and very tasty journey?

A legacy of success

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to become a part of a hugely successful and growing iconic brand over 70 years in the making – a rare opportunity considering the average life of a restaurant in Montreal is about three and a half years.

A proven track record

Join a strong team, with 30 years of multiple franchise operations experience that knows how to get things done. Partner with people who have built highly successful franchises and have the credentials to prove it.

Marketing that works

Share marketing costs and gain the benefits of a strong forward-looking marketing team that uses the latest and most effective marketing platforms to help your franchise grow. Our marketing department has a data-driven approach and works tirelessly to help you succeed.

Cutting-edge technology

The power of technology cannot be understated, even in the restaurant business. We’re constantly looking at better tech in POS terminals and online initiatives to keep the orders coming while investing in the latest kitchen equipment to more consistently and quickly get the orders out.

Our story

Founded in 1951, Restaurant Lafleur's roots trace back to a dairy farm in Mercier, Quebec, where Denis Vinet, inspired by his father's vision, turned a family venture into a fast-food empire. Starting as a “voiture à patates” (French fry car) in Lasalle selling fries and hotdogs, Lafleur has grown into an iconic Montreal institution with 17 locations.

We're looking for dreamers and believers!

Every now and then, a truly unique opportunity crosses our paths. Interested in being one of the lucky few who will be part of the next chapter of our incredible story?

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