Fresh food made fast!

Fresh food made fast!

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Choose from one of our delicious trios or go a la carte. You can order in, pick up, or drop by one of our 17 convenient locations serving the Montreal area, and beyond.

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Founded in 1951, Restaurant Lafleur's roots trace back to a dairy farm in Mercier, Quebec, where Denis Vinet, inspired by his father's vision, turned a family venture into a fast-food empire. Starting as a “voiture à patates” (French fry car) in Lasalle selling fries and hotdogs, Lafleur has grown into an iconic Montreal institution with 17 locations.


Secure your stake in Lafleur, an iconic Quebecois brand with over 70 years of history that is now extending its reach across Quebec. Align yourself with a proficient team with 30 years of multiple franchise operations experience who believe that the road to a successful future is paved with smart forward-looking innovations and people who truly love what they do.

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Join the Lafleur family and become part of a legacy that’s over 70 years young! As a family-owned franchise, we take pride in our commitment to our most important asset - our people. Whether you're flipping burgers or serving clients, working at Lafleur is more than just a job, it’s about being part of an iconic Quebecois brand.

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